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What began as a drawing on a napkin is now an interactive 3D application.

It’s a whole new ballgame for the team at 3D CityScapes following the delivery of its first-ever virtual application of a sports training facility in conjunction with the team at Prospect Dome.

Located in Toronto’s Rexdale neighbourhood, Prospect Dome is a proposed year-round indoor and outdoor training facility for young athletes looking to compete in baseball, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.

For its part, 3D CityScapes delivered a standalone application that provides a virtual walkable tour of the proposed facilities’ exterior and interior amenities. The project not only highlighted the team’s skills in 3D visualizations but also its in-house creative conceptual offerings for clients needing help when it comes to the design component of projects.

What began as a rough sketch is now a fleshed-out 3D visual tool perfect for fundraising or marketing purposes, says James Borst, 3D CityScapes’ CEO and Founder.

“This was an exciting project for us. The team had a lot of fun because there was a lot of creative liberty for the overall design of the building’s exterior and interior,” said Borst. “We were given a drawing on a napkin – a very basic outline of the project such as the different rooms that are going to be there.”  

Avalee Napkin sketch
A look at one of the earliest concepts of Prospect Dome Training Grounds.

From there, the team created a way to virtually explore upcoming areas like the facility’s 12 batting cages, rooms for physiotherapy and training, as well as five outdoor enclosed “bubble” fields for practice or tournaments.

What’s more, the team provided the Prospect Dome team with a fly-through video and multiple hot-spot tours highlighting common areas, complete with animated Metahumans powered by the Unreal Engine.

“Our tool is directly being utilized to help get this project off the ground, which is an awesome utilization of our technology,” said Borst. “It’s something that warrants having a 3D interact environment to showcase the power, innovation, and excitement of the project coming to the community.”

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