3D CityScapes provides the highest quality 1-to-1 scale digital twin of data centers in world, helping bring about a better way to manage, upkeep, optimize, reduce costs and plan better for the future.

With live data integration our platform allows for complete management of your data center as well as the ability to run simulations for future scenarios that make your data center more profitable and better optimized.

Features of Aplication

  • Top Down View and First Person Walk Through of the Complete to-scale 3D Environment of Data Center

  • 1-to-1 Correspondence of All Real Life Assets Matched to All Digital Assets in the Digital Twin

    • Ability to pull up product specifications about any server, power supply or other asset

    • Live operational data view for all equipment

  • Ability to showcase a 1-to-1 correspondence between the real-world data center data that is being managed/tracked/monitored within the digital twin data center so that management can:

    • Better Plan Utilizing High-Quality 3D Graphics

    • Monitor Data Better Using 3D Visualizations and Project Future Data in a Way That’s Understandable by Everyone

    • Ability to Control the Data Center Systems From Within the 3D Environment

    • Facilitate Training of Robots to Automate Maintenance

  • Ability to showcase the performance of servers and equipment within the digital twin environment, and adjust to simulate real-world outcomes to enhance and optimize performance

  • Ability to Use Historical Data to Plan Future Data Centers - Completely Simulate a New Data Center in a 3D environment (including electrical costs, setup costs, maintenance, etc...)