James Borst

CEO / Founder

Norbert Sekeres

Director of Development

Jennifer Boville

CMO and Senior Business Development lead.

Jennifer is an energetic and passionate sales and marketing leader, with extensive experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors. She has spent many years in Management Consulting solving large complex business problems and leading some of the largest Digital Transformation and IoT projects for businesses in Canada. Jen brings to 3D City Scapes, the ability to market, sell and ensure our clients leverage our solutions to continually innovate, differentiate and WIN.

John Reed

Senior Business Development Executive

Roberto Constantin Filip

Chief Technology Officer

Kyle Andrews

Project Manager & Senior Modeler

Alexandru Merza

Senior Unreal Engine Developer

Brian Trinh

Senior Coordinator of Strategic Partnerships

Gabriel Bracamonte

Modeling Specialist and Level Designer

Thiago Alves Dos Santos

Junior 3D Artist

Paulo H. Lima

Unreal Engine Specialist

David Toledo

3D Environment Artist

Marco Aurélio Lago

Intermediate 3D Artist

Walt K.

Intermediate 3D Artist

Francisco Miranda

Modeling Specialist and Level Designer