We create the most hyper-realistic digital twins of buildings in the world which link to live IOT sensors and data feeds. Our platform allows the user to view the building from each floor/level while showcasing all important components of that floor.

We can easily link up to existing data dashboards to showcase IOT data and also allow our application to control different mechanisms within the building.

We also allow for the user to walk around on each floor in order to demonstrate the environment in a real one-to-one experience.

Features of Aplication

Highlight and Showcase Important Smart Assets of the Building

Electrical Wiring
Electrical Outlets
Light outlets
Control Rooms & Equipment

Showcase Control Rooms and Equipment

Showcase Internet Wifi Coverage Throughout Building

Showcase Live IOT Sensor Integration and Display Live Data

Showcase Security Cameras Throughout Building and Have Security Controls Available Within Application

Walk Every Floor of the Building in a To-Scale Environment

Showcase Parking Garage

Track Assets Within The Building