The metaverse remains a concept with a fluid definition but here at 3DCS, we see its application in something we're all passionate about: video games.

Gaming brings people together. It unites them in pursuit of community, competition, and of course, fun. We see the metaverse as the next logical step to bring our expertise in creating immersive 3D visualizations to create virtual playgrounds.

The metaverse also happens to represent a trillion-dollar industry by the end of 2030. So whether you're looking to turn concept art into a fully-fleshed out game or need to add some oomph to a trailer, the team at 3DCS gets gaming and its potential for the metaverse.

In one platform that we developed, we create a metaverse of a future city with over 2,000 buildings, a 7.5 KM race track (3 variations included) and a NFT generation system that allows us to create an unlimited amount of NFTs.