We offer interactive 3D applications for interiors and exteriors - from a single building to an entire city!


Our interiors are the best in the world and give you the most dynamic views and features for touring the inside of a condo, office or building.

  • 8K Graphics
  • Customizable Interior
  • Video Scene View
  • Unlimited Pictures/Renders of Views
  • First Person Walkthru
  • Web Hotspot for Online Viewing


We can create the very best interactive exterior views of your building to showcase all that it has to offer, as well as the surrounding area and features.

  • 8K Graphics
  • Fully 360 Degree Views
  • Views from Each Unit (Condo Building)
  • Views of Amenities
  • Walk Distance
  • View of Each Floor


3D City Scapes is able to create entire cities utilizing our 3D interactive platform, which are to scale and which give the very best presentation of your city possible.

  • 8K Graphics
  • Daytime and Night Time Views
  • First Person Navigation
  • Highlights for Any Part of City
  • Includes Roads, Hwys and Streets


We'll first arrange a meeting to discuss your project needs and also to showcase you some samples of the projects we have done for customers in the past.

After sitting down with you and discussing your project needs, there's a few things that we need from you to get started:

  • For Interiors - Autocad files (.dwg) which include the elevations -or- 3D optimized REVIT, Sketchup or 3DMax files. Also it is highly helpful if you can provide any renderings that you have of the space or mood boards to showcase the 'look and feel' of the interior which you are looking to achieve. We also need information about the cabinets being used, wall colours, flooring, fixtures, electrical outlets, counter tops and any additional information you have available.

  • For Exteriors - 3D Optimize Revit, Sketchup or 3DMax files are preferred, but if you don't have 3D files, we can work with AutoCad files as well (just more time is involved). Also, any renderings you can provide of the exterior of your building(s) would be very helpful.

  • Cities - to be discussed at in-person meeting.

Once we've received your model files we'll import them into our platform and begin creating the interactive environment.

Projects typically take 4-10 weeks to complete but we can also develop more quickly depending on the need of our clients and how much work there is to be done. The time involved maybe depends on a few things 1) the quality of the model files you provide 2)how detailed you want your final interactive models to be 3) number of models there will be in your project 4) features of application