McMaster Innovation Park

Toronto – It’s come full circle with 3D CityScapes (3DCS), a Canadian leader in 3D visualization, thanks to its recently completed partnership with McMaster Innovation Park (MIP).

3DCS is proud to offer a look at its 3D model of MIP, a 58-plus acre park supporting startups, multinational businesses, incubators, and accelerators, giving a glimpse of what the future has in store for the park and the Greater Hamilton Region.

“Innovation is at the heart of MIP and we are extremely pleased when we get to engage in projects that allow us to share the extraordinary vision of our master plan. 3D CityScapes’ ability to bring that to life is an added benefit to our initiatives and we are really excited to work with such a talented team,” said Scott Rasmussen, Vice President of Leasing & Business Development at MIP.

For 3DCS, it marks a return to its roots in Hamilton, Ont. as the company got its start in conjunction with McMaster Innovation Factory as well as IBM Venture Labs in Markham, Ont..