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Three of the townhouses on display in Pinkstone Built’s Stonehenge community.

Virtually Tour Stonehenge, pinkSTONE Built’s New Wellness-Focused Community

It’s 3D CityScapes’ first proptech demonstration in the state of Tennessee.

3D CityScapes marks its latest proptech demonstration in conjunction with pinkSTONE Built and their Stonehenge development.

Stonehenge is a multi-phase residential community designed with wellness in mind. Located in Sevierville, Tenn., near the state’s Smoky Mountain region, the community will feature mix-density townhouses, duplexes, and detached homes.

Pinkstone Built Stonehenge townhouses
The townhouses come in a variety of exterior finishes.

“We wanted to approach residential design in a different way and focus not so much on the individual residences, but on the community itself,” said Rebekah Meredith, Owner & Principal Engineer at pinkSTONE Built.

The upcoming development will feature walking trails and a community garden where residents can pick fresh fruits and vegetables for their meals. There are also plans to focus on air and water quality within the individual units in order to provide healthier built environments.

But it wasn’t just integrating physical wellness into Stonehenge’s design that was vital to the pinkSTONE team. Meredith also wanted to incorporate and drive human connectivity as part of the overall project.

“One of the things COVID-19 did was put us in isolation and being an overall healthy person [requires] human interaction,” she said.

That notion of bringing people together was one of the main reasons pinkSTONE Built focused on 3D visualization and chose 3D CityScapes for their needs.

The community fountain at the heart of Stonehenge development.
The community fountain at the heart of Stonehenge development.

“How do you sell something that doesn’t exist anywhere else? How do you show somebody what this is going to look like and feel like by just telling them? People don’t always grasp the concept,” said Meredith. “That was one of the biggest reasons why we decided to take the time and spend the money. We’ve got to somehow sell something that doesn’t exist yet.”

3D CityScapes, for its part, built the virtual tour which you can see below.

“I think there exists a powerful relationship, especially for the people who embrace 3D visualization technology and integrated it into their marketing efforts,” said James Borst, 3D CityScapes’ CEO, and co-founder. “Rather than seeing just rendering, you’re  able to interact in a 3D environment that helps these projects get off the ground.”

Investing in 3D visualization early in the development cycle also means developers gain access to a sales tool that evolves along with a project.

“In terms of Stonehenge, with our kind of 3D visualization, as we move through and continue to develop units, we’re going to want to continue to develop that overall master plan,” said Meredith. “That only helps us in the sales cycle – being able to potentially pre-sell and generate cash flow. The quicker that we can change the direction of the money flow, the better for us and that’s one thing we feel this is going to help us do.”

About 3D CityScapes:

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