You’re Looking At The World’s First Retirement Home Built In UE5

3D CityScapes Builds First Retirement Home In Unreal Engine 5

The project was made in partnership with Chartwell Residence.

The Ridgepointe retirement residence located in Kamloops, B.C..

3D CityScapes is pleased to present the world’s first independent living retirement home created in Unreal Engine 5.

Created in partnership with Chartwell Residence, the largest operator in the Canadian seniors living sector, the 3D model is a to-scale replica of the company’s Ridgepointe Retirement Residence, located in Kamloops, B.C..

As part of the partnership, 3DCS created an interactive application to showcase the residence’s exterior and surrounding mountain views. Included is the ability to venture inside the walkable lobby entrance and around the residence’s amenities, like the public and private dining rooms, library, as well as an interior suite.

An interior rendering of the bistro area inside Chartwell Ridgepointe residence.

“One thing that’s so nice about this program is that when prospects are picking out the suites they want, I can show them this is what your view is going to be like,” said Kathy Wishnevski, a retirement consultant at Chartwell Ridgepointe. “I can show them what kind of sunlight they get during the day or how much sun they get at night, which is huge.”

In addition to the app, the 3DCS team created a collection of photo-realistic renders, a 4K cinematic video tour, as well a hotspot tour to aid in Ridgepointe’s marketing to future residents. The project comes as the Ridgepointe Residence adds a brand-new wing to the property, bringing in 90 new, fully self-contained apartments.

“We needed to be able to show our prospects and their families all about the new building and apartments which don’t actually exist yet,” said Chartwell Ridgepointe’s retirement living consultant Lori Kininmont. “Since the construction won’t be completed for another year, the 3D presentation has been vital for guests to see where their apartment will be, what the natural light will look like at different times of day or season, as well as what their ‘view’ from their windows will be.”

“It was important that the whole family could understand the environment their loved one would be living in and that’s really how this whole conversation got started because Chartwell saw the quality of the immersive 3D environments that we were creating,” said James Borst, CEO and co-founder of 3D CityScapes.

The living room of a unit at Chartwell’s Ridgepointe residence in Kamloops, B.C..

For the 3D CityScapes team, it marks the first project created from the ground up using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, bringing a new level of polish and fidelity that has made it the gaming engine of choice for powering 3DCS’ latest app.

“UE5 definitely gave us a leg up in quality to enable Nanite technology to have higher quality scenes with less pull on a good computer with a decent video card,” said Borst. From a user’s standpoint, UE5 has already captured the attention of those interested in living at Ridgepointe.

“The application has been very well received by guests, residents, and staff alike. Everyone is fascinated by the features that we can highlight and explain about the building by using it,” said Kininmont.

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