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The Elegance by Avalee Homes is a 72-unit luxury condo in Vaughn, Ont..

The project was built in Spotlight Property Viewer to simplify the preconstruction sales process.

3D CityScapes is proud to present Spotlight Property Viewer, its custom visualization platform solution for preconstruction developments. The software debuted in conjunction with the Elegance, a 72-unit luxury condominium in Vaughn, Ont. and developed by Avalee Homes.

One part marketing tool, one part sales asset management system, the Avalee Homes team selected Spotlight Property Viewer given that the Elegance was their first solo residential development and wanted a 3D visualization application backed by an experienced team.

The dining room from one of the penthouse suites inside the Elegance.

“You can see multiple points of view, different suites, and floors. The actual colours are more true than just a model that sits on a table. It gives you more of a feeling of the building than a [traditional] model,” said Lino Tatone, one of Avalee’s founders.”It’s going in a more digital way so it’s more in tune with the times.”

In addition to providing an immersive 360-degree view of the Elegance’s exterior and the surrounding area, Spotlight Property Viewer allowed the sales team to take customers inside the upcoming development, highlighting specifics like the interior views of the penthouse unit, the front-entrance lobby, and even give a sneak peek at the views from the terraces.

With Spotlight Property Viewer, you can add metahumans to populate any scene to add an additional layer of realism to your projects.

“I personally like the daylight-night time [function] so you could see what it was like during the day or night. The biggest thing was the views from certain parts of the building, the location of the building, seeing the building itself, the way it looks, the terraces, and the walk-through,” said Tatone. “The walk-through helps with the amenities and the 3D application helps you get a real feel for the amenities and the outsides, too.” 

The gym offers some stunning views of the neighbourhood.

Additional features also provided with Spotlight Property Viewer include:
-A walkable avatar mode to simulate a first-person point of view perspective of the building and area

-A unit selector to compare, contrast, and filter units based on square footage, pricing, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and or orientation 

-The ability to compare multiple floor plans side by side

-Distance circles to highlight what’s walkable within five, 10, and 20-minute increments. 

-Finish selector to give customers the ability to swap between builders’ fit and finish packages.

-A built-in render generator to provide picture-perfect images for social media and marketing purposes

One of the many stunning vistas available to Avalee residents.
One of the many stunning vistas available to Avalee residents.

For 3D CityScapes, Spotlight Property Viewer represents the culmination of four years of work in the prop-tech industry, combining the company’s expertise in 3D modelling and meeting the needs of developers looking to showcase the best of what their projects have to offer.

“The Avalee team wanted to make sure the application represented luxury and that’s something that we did. They were very conscious and aware that they wanted to make this thing look great. And that really helped us achieve our goal,” said James Borst, CEO and founder of 3D CityScapes. “This application became basically our flagship for small developments. I’d say it’s our highest-quality development to date.”

About 3D CityScapes:

3D City Scapes Inc. is a 3D visualization technology company based in Canada specializing in building 3D interactive environments, assets, and digital twins. Founded in 2019, 3D CityScapes works with property developers, municipalities, urban planners, seaport authorities, and architects to provide 3D applications for use in sales/marketing, planning, predictive analysis, cinematic video production, and more.


For more information, please contact:

Brian Tien Trinh

3D CityScapes


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3DCS Wins JETRO’s Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 Competition

3D CityScapes is the only Canadian company among 15 finalists. 

The 2022 JETRO Japan Challenge for Society logo
JETRO’s Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 contest logo. (Photo credit: JETRO)

3D CityScapes (3DCS) is pleased to announce it is the sole Canadian finalist to win a coveted spot in the Japan External Trade Organization’s (JETRO) “Japan Challenge for Society 5.0” contest.

The competition saw 292 applications submitted by start-ups located in 53 different countries and regions back in June of 2021. Companies pitched their solutions to address issues facing Japanese society in one of three areas: environmental friendliness, labour shortage & improving productivity, as well as building a smarter and more resilient Japan.

JETRO announced a shortlist of 45 contestants in September of 2021, with winners presenting virtual exhibits in a bid to advance to the final round. 3D CityScape’s pitch on its proprietary 3D visualization platform and experience building digital twins won in the category of “Smart & Resilient Japan”, finishing among three other companies in the section.

“Japan has always been close to our heart as it is the global hub for innovative technologies and efficiencies. To be recognized as the only Canadian company in the Smart Cities division is a big achievement and are most grateful to JETRO for their kind support,” said Salman Hussain, Director of Digital Experiences at 3DCS. “We are very excited about next steps and look forward to expanding in Japan.”

3DCS will now be awarded access to intensive virtual support from JETRO along with a physical invitation to Japan to conduct business matching with local companies and municipalities, barring COVID-19 restrictions, at a later date. 

About 3D CityScapes: 

3D City Scapes Inc. is a 3D visualization technology company based in Canada specializing in building 3D interactive environments, assets, and digital twins. Founded in 2019, 3D CityScapes works with property developers, municipalities, urban planners, seaport authorities, and architects to provide 3D applications for use in sales/marketing, planning, predictive analysis, cinematic video production and more.


For more information, please contact:
Brian Tien Trinh
3D CityScapes

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3D CityScapes & NTRY Make Their Global Debut at IBS 2022

Watch our video recap of the annual International Builders’ Show in Orlando

And that’s a wrap on the International Builders’ Show 2022.

After three days, two talented teams, and one tricked-out booth (have you seen the size of that screen?), 3DCS and NTRY are back after a successful trade show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

3DCS, and its real estate marketplace partner, NTRY, brought their vision of the future of virtual pre-construction sales to thousands of vendors and attendees in early February.

The 3DCS booth at the 2022 International Builders Show
The 3DCS booth at the 2022 International Builders Show. (Photo Credit: Brian Lee)

“What we create is a visual language where nothing is lost in translation, where irrespective of what industry or vertical you might be in, you can take all that information and data and bring it to life using Unreal Engine and 3D CityScapes’ technology,” said Salman Hussain, Director of Digital Experiences for 3DCS.

For team members on the floor, IBS was validation that the industry is shifting towards high-quality 3D visualizations.

“Real estate is a bit archaic and trying to move some developers into this level of space has taken a little bit of time for them to realize that but now that technology’s moving so fast, I can’t even imagine where we’ll be next year,” said Jason Garland, NTRY’s VP of Business Development.

More From 3DCityScapes

“I think a lot of people are excited to see a 3D model come to life of what they’re going to showcase or looking to buy,” said Samantha Servello, NTRY’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “It’s a good feeling to see that people are really drawn to our product that’s really unique and different.”

And the experience has both teams pumped for 2023.

“We’re gonna have more cities built out, more developers, high-rises, low-rises, commercial [properties]. I’m super excited for the future,” said Garland.

3D CityScapes is a Toronto start-up specializing in building digital twins and 3D visualizations. Interested in building a digital twin? Get in touch with us here or give us a shout at +1 416-477-6846

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Guess Who’s Going To IBS 2022

The International Builders’ Show takes place in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center from Feb. 8 to Feb. 10

The 3D CityScapes Team goes to the International Builder's Show 2022
The 3D CityScapes Team goes to the International Builder’s Show 2022

The 3DCS team is excited to announce that we’ll be on the floor this year at the 2022 NAHB International Builders’ Show in Florida. 

We’ll be looking to chat with builders, developers and like-minded visualization companies from Feb. 8 to Feb. 10.

If you’re attending, be sure to swing by our booth, complete with a 17-foot-diameter 4K video wall to highlight our best work and two 4K touch screens to experience our high-fidelity digital twins. 

We’ll also be joined by our friends on the Ntry team. You can learn more about them in the video below.

Ntry is making buying and selling real estate seamless through innovations in transparency and accuracy.  3DCS is proud to be the streaming and technology backer of Ntry, empowering realtors and developers with a 3D pre-construction marketplace running on cutting-edge technology. Together we’re looking to: 

  • Educate and develop the modern realtor
  • Push the limits of the global real estate market
  • Deliver an intuitive user experience for buying and listing properties

For more on Ntry’s offerings, register here.

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Seeing Is Believing

New cloud-based platform will allow buyers to virtually view homes before they are built


A person uses the 3D CityScapes app on a tablet.

Nowadays, it seems, all new homes and condos are bought pre-construction —based on information taken from brochures, floor plans and price lists.

If you are lucky, you may get to tour a model home or suite, but that is not always an option, and that’s the problem.

“To really understand the build environment, you have to visualize it,” says Raza Jafri, founder and CEO of 3D CityScapes, which is developing what it calls the “very first cloud based streaming platform” in the world to help builders and developers showcase their pre-construction homes in the most “photo-realistic and impactful way possible.”

Visualization takes it even further in that designers now are not only able to offer floor plans and model renderings, but show an entire house virtually and to factor in all the subtle parts of the home buying decision.

For example, it can show how a layout effects sunlight throughout the day, and what the views will look like from a 20th floor condo balcony night or day.

Visualization can also allow buyers to experience a variety of options or upgrades — to change out the materials of the property they are viewing (flooring, cabinets, counter top finishes, appliances, furniture) and to preview those changes in real-time.

This not only helps tremendously from a sales aspect, it leads to a more informed buying decision, says Jafri.

It also goes without saying that the pandemic has changed everything — it’s accelerated the development of visualization software lessening the need for buyers to visit a sales office in the first place.

Instead, this platform will allow “for hundreds and even thousands of viewers to interact with the applications they create,” it will be available 24/7 and allow property developers a chance to showcase their future property developer around the clock.

Already, the software is getting endorsements from several builders and developers who during a pandemic and subsequent shut downs have closed sales centres and made in-person visits more difficult.

“We found 3D CityScapes to have the highest-quality digital interactive environment applications available in the world, and are very excited to partner with them,” says Michael De Gasperis, president and CEO, Arista Homes and vice-president of the TACC Group of Companies. “Take it from somebody with decades of experience. This is the direction the industry is going.”

“It’s been a fantastic experience working with the team at 3D Cityscapes. From the moment I sat down with them I knew instantly that they had something incredibly unique and inventive that my team couldn’t pass up…a snapshot into the future of what’s to come in the world of real estate” says Pamela Ventresca, COO Pace Developments Inc .

Aside from being an unlimited sales and marketing tool, it plays a key role in the early stages of planning and design, says Ventresca. “Having access to our own projects on this level and in this magnitude allows us to plan, change, improve and basically clearly see what it is we’re building. It gives us the opportunity to make it better before it even exists, what’s better than that.”

Future versions of the software will build on its “cloud-based streaming” features — Jafri wants to make it easily accessible to anybody with a computer and a good Internet connection.

Among the firm’s more ambitious goals is to complete a 1-to-1 scale virtual 4K environment of Toronto, which would assist urban planners with design and help governments speed up the approval process.

“We are building a digital twin of the entire world,” says Jafri. “The implication is that we will provide an entirely new way of exploring and visualizing data.”

For more information, visit

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Digital twins of cities set to transform urban experiences

                On a typical workday, the team of programmers at  3D CityScapes is constructing hyper-realistic interactive digital twins of cities.

Attention to detail is at the centre of the team’s method, whether it is to add accurate textures, input building designs, or to create interior and street-level exploration modules equipped with virtual avatars. 

                The company’s vision is to build interactive city environments in the cloud to answer the demand for building smarter, sustainable, design-focused cities around the world.

Their current focus is to revitalize urban planning processes, and optimize real estate sales strategies. 

                “If Canada wants to be on the global stage, we need to design smart cities where people can have healthy, balanced lifestyles. So much of that has to do with having an infrastructure that makes sense,” says Raza Jafri, President, and Chief Executive Officer of 3D CityScapes. “Our technology is in the centre of that process.”

                According to Jafri, he always knew the key to constructing great cities, buildings, and making smart infrastructure improvements is in accurately communicating, and previewing these ideas through interactive 3D visualization. 

When the 3D CityScapes team went to showcase their technology at Toronto City Hall to compete for the pre-seed funding, his belief in the technology was affirmed in a significant way.

                “The crowd erupted,” says Jafri, describing the moment the audience saw the technology for the first time on screen. Toronto Mayor John Tory was among the many present, who came up to him personally to express excitement and offer words of encouragement. “We were chosen to receive the pre-seed funding out of ten start-ups who pitched their ideas centre stage at Toronto City Hall. It was becoming more and more of a shared vision to integrate sustainability and digital transformation, and it meant a lot to me.”  


James Borst (left), Raza Jafri (Centre), Toronto Mayor John Tory discuss 3D CityScapes’ visualization technology.

                James Borst, co-founder, and chief operating officer of 3D CityScapes, says the software’s application in real estate and urban planning is only the beginning of a whole new wave of possibilities.  

                “What we’re creating here will effectively transform the way people live,” says Borst. “For starters, imagine not only being able to walk around and check out the interior of your condo unit, in a building that hasn’t been built yet – with VR goggles – but also being able to see and learn about the neighbourhood, experience how the sun will rise and set from your future balcony. Now apply that thought to retail, tourism, construction, academia, conferences, transit …”

                With the COVID-19 pandemic, Borst says the demand for this type of software has only grown, as they hired several new members to their growing team in the midst of the crisis.

                “The global pandemic showed us that the digital future we are helping build is not just for the sake of convenience, but it is a necessary progression in the way we, as human beings, evolve with technology,” says Borst.

                Coming up on the horizon, Borst has his eyes set on building an internal neural net platform.

                “Our goal is to teach the neural network the processes that go into building a virtual interactive environment framework,” says Borst. “The more information we feed the AI, the more automated and accurate the models will be, and it will save us up to 60% of our time.”

“What we’re creating here will effectively transform the way people live”

Raza Jafri (right), President/CEO, speaks to investors Michael Degasperis (left), Geoffrey Belsher (centre) Raza Jafri (right), President/CEO of 3D CityScapes, speaks to investors Michael Degasperis (left), Geoffrey Belsher (centre)

                The journey to creating a better world began when Borst and Jafri met for the first time at a technology conference in New York City, in November 2018. In less than an hour of meeting each other, Jafri knew there was an alignment in both of their visions that had the potential to materialize in a big way.

                “Something clicked immediately … we talked about how we could build entire cities using this technology we primarily used for building interior renderings,” says Raza. “It sounded crazy at the time, talking about wanting to have space where you can see all the future projects of that city.”

                Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Jafri grew up witnessing North America’s crumbling infrastructure. This early experience eventually became a potent catalyst for his vision and a foundation for his drive to help build better cities. Now, his goal is to transform cities into an environment that fosters a healthy, balanced, fulfilling lifestyle for its citizens.

                “From seeing the De la Concorde overpass collapse, spending countless hours commuting through gridlocks, zoning that didn’t make sense, to losing a friend in a construction accident, I saw a big demand for efficiency and innovation in the construction and urban planning processes,” says Jafri. “The more I looked into it, I realized this wasn’t an issue confined to North America, but one that needs to be resolved on a global scale. ” 

                Borst, who grew up in Coulee City, Washington, a small town of 550, says his passion for innovation stems from his involvement in charity work of 18 years. 

                “In business and in life, everything we do has to have a positive effect so that it reflects the intention behind the formation of this company,” says James.   

                 With an unprecedented number of global construction proposals awaiting their turn to be reviewed, Borst muses about the potential impact the company’s product will have across various industries. 

                “Imagine if you could actually walk the stakeholders through the proposed project in a 3D interactive environment,” says Borst. “Showing them a vision of what the world is going to look like in 10 years, as opposed to just trying to talk to people and showing 2D drawings on paper … the difference is huge.”